Charleigh turns 1!

THIS session was a ton of fun!  Not only was it cool to photograph Charleigh (who’s almost 1) after having had taken her newborn pictures last year…. but she couldn’t get enough of her smash cake!  “What is this deliciousness that’s been kept from me until my 1st birthday?!” ;) She is such a cutie!

DSC_8745 copy

DSC_8394 copy DSC_8395 copy DSC_8405 copy DSC_8408 copy DSC_8410 copy DSC_8412 copy DSC_8418 copy DSC_8423 copy DSC_8424 copy DSC_8425 copy DSC_8429 copy DSC_8430 copy DSC_8435 copy DSC_8446 copy DSC_8464 copy DSC_8466 copy DSC_8466-2 copy DSC_8468 copy DSC_8475 copy DSC_8478 copy DSC_8479 copy DSC_8481 copy DSC_8494 copy DSC_8496 copy DSC_8523 copy DSC_8532 copy DSC_8535 copy DSC_8540 copy DSC_8544 copy DSC_8549 copy DSC_8561 copy DSC_8564 copy DSC_8595 copy DSC_8606 copy DSC_8610 copy DSC_8615 copy DSC_8618 copy DSC_8623 copy DSC_8628 copy DSC_8630 copy DSC_8644 copy DSC_8646 copy DSC_8652 copy DSC_8660 copy DSC_8661 copy DSC_8673 copy DSC_8683 copy DSC_8689 copy DSC_8697 copy DSC_8698 copy DSC_8702 copy DSC_8712 copy DSC_8714 copy DSC_8716 copy DSC_8719 copy DSC_8722 copy DSC_8731 copy DSC_8740 copy DSC_8743 copy DSC_8745 copy DSC_8747 copy DSC_8761 copy DSC_8767 copy DSC_8769 copy DSC_8770 copy DSC_8779 copy DSC_8787 copy DSC_8793 copy DSC_8796 copy DSC_8803 copy

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