I’m Jessica Whalen, owner and photographer at… you guessed it, Jessica Whalen Photography. I’m a wife and mom of 2: a free spirited, loving, energetic 4 year old, and a caring, athletic, hilarious 6 year old. I’ve always loved photography, back to the days when you’d never catch me anywhere without a disposable camera. My friends balked at it back then.. but now they appreciate me on #throwbackthursday ;) About 4 years ago I took what was a hobby and turned it into a job that I don’t actually consider a job at all. I can’t describe the feeling of delivering a set of family photos to a client who wells up with tears and says that they’ll cherish them forever. I’m a natural light, on location photographer and specialize in child, family, portrait and event photography. I look forward to working with you to capture your perfect memories.